The Yiayia Test

The "Yiayia" test

This is a trick learned in the kitchen from my Greek grandmother – “Yiayia”.  
Yiayia was a treasure trove of cooking tips and tricks. Most of them were developed out of necessity for lack of technology at the time… and this is one of these tips. 
The first time I witnessed Yiayia do this was on Greek Easter. I remember watching in awe how she used her knife as a magic wand through the turkey.
This trick applies to roasted whole chicken as well as turkey. 
To use: slice down the leg quarter of the bird after it has cooked to check for doneness. If the juices flow out clear and like broth, the bird is done. If they flow out bloody, then it goes back into the oven for a few minutes longer. 
While today, I use a thermometer to ensure the desired temperature on all of my meat, I still use this test as a security blanket and it has never been wrong!